Melbourne Renegades loves the games, not the odds

Melbourne Renegades has taken a stand against sports betting sponsorship to protect its fans, players and community.

82% of Renegades fans agree that young people (12-17) are exposed to too much sports betting advertising. *

That's why Melbourne Renegades is proud to be one of more than 500 sporting clubs across Victoria united in their decision to say no to sports betting sponsorship.

Clubs that ‘love the game, not the odds’ protect their sporting communities from the risks associated with gambling. Find out more here.

76% of Renegades fans agree that young people (12-17) who bet on sport are setting themselves up for problems with gambling when they’re older*

Kids today don’t remember a time when gambling ads were not part of watching sport.

You can play a role in informing our next generation about the risks associated with sports betting


How you can help

  1. Watch our video on talking to kids about gambling.
  2. Nominate your local club to sign up to the program – share this page.
  3. See more tips on how to talk to the young people in your life.
  4. If you’re a local club president or committee member, sign your club up and join the program today!

*Love the Game fan survey 2020.