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As a Love the Game partner, your club will take a stand against sports betting sponsorship and help juniors to love the game, not the odds.  Signing up only takes two minutes, join now.

Club presidents and committee members can register on behalf of their club. ​

Not part of your club’s committee? Share this page with them so they can get involved.

Join Love the Game

To join the program, please search for your club’s name below by typing in the name. If your club has previously signed up, some of the fields will be pre-filled. If your club doesn’t appear, please scroll to the end of the dropdown to register your club as new club.

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By joining, your club will:

  • enhance its reputation by taking a stand against sports betting sponsorship
  • demonstrate leadership in tackling an issue of community concern
  • signal that its culture is one that prioritises the wellbeing of our young people
  • become part of a community of elite and local sporting clubs.

Love the Game partners receive:

  • resources to promote your club as a place that priorities young people’s wellbeing
  • invitations to events and activities, including education sessions
  • opportunities to participate in Love the Game theme rounds
  • fun give-aways and merchandise
  • access to a gambling action plan to implement in your club
  • support and regular updates.
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Any sporting club or join the Love the Game program if they:

  • agree to not accept revenue from sports betting providers, which is part of the program’s charter
  • compete in a recognised sporting competition
  • are a committee member (or equivalent) and authorised to sign up the club.

Note: Clubs that receive revenue from gambling-related sources other than sports betting providers are not precluded from joining the program, but partners are encouraged to explore opportunities for alternative funding sources.

If you are unsure about your club’s eligibility to join Love the Game, contact us by email at

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You’ve decided to take a stand against sports betting sponsorships and sign up to Love the Game, so what happens next?

We encourage new members to create a gambling harm prevention policy to implement at your club. Together with your committee members, you can select from a list of actions your club will take to prevent and reduce gambling harm.

The club will have access to a range of free resources, including social media posts, web banners and educational videos to promote when you choose.

Every year, we host a Love the Game round in which all our partners are invited to participate. The aim is to raise awareness about the risks associated with sports betting and encourage young people to love the game, not the odds.

We are always available to support you – simply drop us an email if you have any questions or need any assistance.