Geelong Cats loves the game, not the odds

Geelong Cats has taken a stand against sports betting sponsorship to protect its fans, players and community.

87% of Geelong Cats fans agree that young people (12-17) are exposed to too much sports betting advertising. *

Geelong Cats is proud to be one of more than 500 sporting clubs across Victoria united in their decision to say no to sports betting sponsorship.

Clubs that ‘love the game, not the odds’ protect their fans, players and communities from the risks associated with gambling. Find out more here.

79% of Geelong Cats fans agree that young people (12–17 years) who bet on sport could be at risk of gambling problems when they are older.*

The first generation of kids to grow up with gambling advertising is now the largest group of sports bettors in Victoria.

Talk to your kids while they’re young, so they’ll understand the risks as adults. Find out how to get involved in the program.

* Latrobe University CSSI Love the Game fan survey 2020